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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

GET YOUR MUSIC ON School Holiday Program

Do we need to bring food or is it provided?

Kids will need to bring their own packed lunches over the duration of the program. We'll be providing some light refreshments and water/juice for afternoon tea. Water is always available.

What if my child has an allergy or special condition?

If your child has an allergy or special condition, please let us know at time of enrolment. We will ensure that our staff are all fully aware of any allergies or special conditions your child may have and how they can assist should an emergency arise.

My child learns an instrument and is interested in bringing it along. Is this allowed?

Yes we encourage all kids who learn an instrument privately (or at school) to bring their instruments for the week. It's most likely that they'll be playing it during ensemble and rock band class and for the mini performance at the end of week. We will keep all instruments locked up in our office for safe-keeping. 

I'm unable to attend the end of week performance

Not a problem, we will be taking video footage of the rehearsals and final performance so that we can share it to all parents and students.

What happens if I've registered and paid for the program but a family emergency has come up and my child is unable to attend the entire week?

We can not issue a refund, but we will allow the payment to be transferred to the next school holiday program that you can attend (must be within the same calendar year)

Can I just attend one day?

Unfortunately not. It's a full three day program and once you've been given a part to play or sing in our ensemble, it would be a let down to the other students to not have you their at the end of week performance.

What happens if I register and pay but the program doesn't go ahead due to minimum numbers?

You will be given the choice to either receive a full refund or transfer the funds to the next school holiday program. Or perhaps even a credit towards enrolment for another activity or lessons.

Who can attend the Mini End of Week Performance?

We encourage all friends and family to come along and support the students. They really have practiced hard in getting their original songs and cover songs ready for the big day, and any show of support given, will go a long way.