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Garage Band For Kids - The Ultimate Band Experience

Watch how proud they'll become as they boast about the 'band'. See them practice like mad and improve the techniques and skills they're trying to master. Over time the 'band' will sound better and tighter and once the set list is ready, they'll perform on stage and experience an adrenalin that can only be achieved by being on stage in the 'band'.

Give your child the unique opportunity to develop their musical skills by joining our Garage Band for Kids Rock Band Class. There's no better way for your child to share their love of music and improve on their instruments, than with other like minded kids. Together the kids will rise to a new standard of musicianship that can only be gained through group playing.
To ensure you can stay in time or keep up with the band, most students will need to be beyond the beginner level. If you don't know, then simply call our studios and speak to one of our band assessors to determine your level. Ideally you can also email us a background description, experience, qualifications or grade.

You’ll be grouped accordingly once you’ve filled in our online registration form
Limited Numbers per group to ensure everyone gets the chance to shine in their given instrument.


  • Drummers
  • Singers
  • Pianists
  • Guitarists (Electric and Acoustic)
  • Bass Guitarists

We also welcome students who play percussion, woodwind or brass instruments suitable to band format. Our band coaches and teachers are capable of picking songs and writing parts to include your specific instrument.

Separate classes for primary and high-school students

Detailed background of musical abilities required to ensure we match up the right players unless an All Age Music teacher is your tutor. In this case we will simply be given an overview by the teacher.

Over two (2) terms you’ll work with one of our experienced professional band coaches and transform yourselves into the ultimate ‘Garage Band’. Then at the end you'll be playing at one of our school's Mid Year or End of Year concerts. But that's not all. We believe that all the hard work of practicing each week should be showcased to the general public. If the band and parents agree, we plan on drumming up more performance opportunities within the local community, special events, festivals, possible band competitions, support acts for major artists and charity functions.

Discover how to play in a band
Develop and practice a set list of songs
Learn from professional industry musician / music directors
Invite your friends and let them watch you perform


Each weekly session runs for an hour and a half. Instruments and amps will be provided for, however you will need to bring your own bass guitars, electric/acoustic guitars, sax, trumpet, drum sticks etc. Drum kit and keyboard will be provided along with PA. It’s ideal for you to attend the first class so you can meet your fellow band mates, be given music and discuss any other songs you may like to contribute.

The exact date will be provided to you once you enrol. This is based on when we have all students enrolled. You’ll be expected to turn up to all band sessions to ensure you learn and develop your parts. If there any dates or times you think you can’t make then you’ll have the opportunity to discuss with your band mates alternative times and days (depends on the availability of the band coach).


Marcos Gil
Fabien Bethuizeau

Please contact our James White for more information or to discuss the program. or 0408 992 877


Ideal for 8 - 12 year olds
Friday 17 July, 5:00 - 6:30pm
till Friday 11 September
(10 week term)

Ideal for 12 - 18 year olds
Saturdays 3:30 - 5:00pm
till Saturday 12 September
(10 week term)

OR Sunday mornings as the alternative make up day

COST: $400 per term/student

DURATION: 10 week terms with each weekly session running for 90 minutes. Ideal to sign up for two (2) terms

INCLUDES: All materials, access to professional band coach and teachers, and performance opportunities