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Songwriting Workshop for Kids 8 - 16yrs old

How would you know if your child has the potential to write their own songs?
How can you help uncover this and allow them to learn the art of songwriting?

In our amazing songwriting workshop we'll be teaching kids how to write their own songs and explore creative songwriting moments with a small group of like minded kids. They'll discover how to take ideas from start to finish and feel really proud with what they've accomplished. We'll provide them with the tips, tools and tricks they need to potentially write a 'HIT' song or just learn a new skill. Whatever the reason, this songwriting workshop is the perfect way to discover a child's music potential.

Your child may be great at coming up with little melodic tunes or they may be great at creative writing or poetry. Perhaps they're learning an instrument or singing and never thought about the possibility of being more creative in music through songwriting.

Writing songs is a powerful way for people of all ages to express ideas, emotions, relationships, stories and opinions. It suits people of all personalities whether shy, quiet or outgoing and is a creative subject not generally taught at schools.
The workshop is taught and run by professional industry songwriters who write and perform original music for a living.

Students will learn and discover:
  • Topic idea exploration
  • Lyric writing techniques and tips
  • Song/lyric/music form
  • What musical ideas to think about when putting music to words
  • Understanding musical and songwriting jargon (i.e. riff, intro, outro, hook etc)
  • How to write and get creative when you're stuck for words
  • The journey of songwriting from paper to recording to release
  • The business of songwriting
  • What is a royalty and how to earn them
And much more!
Our school holiday songwriting workshop is designed for kids aged 8-16yrs old. It's an excellent opportunity for them to discover and uncover the fundamental techniques and ideas of songwriting. Who knows... your child might write the next hit song, become a music producer or simply use the skill of writing songs in their everyday life. What a wonderful thing to be able to do! The greatest joy of course is being able to share this with friends, family and potentially the whole world.
The workshop runs for a full 6 hour day which allows students ideas to flourish and develop. Throughout the day we continue to polish up the creation and give students the opportunity to share, record or perform their song with others.  We have organised breaks for tea and lunch to split up the syllabus and give students a chance to rest their creative minds.

Cost is $150 per child
Runs 9:00am - 3.00pm July 12


  • Notebook or notepad to write on (ideally blank pages without lines)
  • Snack and/or drink for short break time - water provided
  • Pens, pencils or anything colourful you'd like to write with
  • Recording device like iPod, iPhone or voice recorder to record ideas if you have one (optional) 

* Please note minimum numbers are required for this program to run. If not enough numbers are met, full refunds will be given. At this stage, we have met minimum numbers for the program and will definitely be going ahead for kids aged 8 - 16yrs old.

Want to see what goes on in our music camps? Click on the video to find out more


Thursday 12 July

9.00am - 3.00pm

1 Full Day

COST: $150.00 per student

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, please call the studio on 02 8006 0363 or 0408 992 877